Saturday, 23 September 2017

Versailles and a Video

On our holidays we popped into Versailles on our way around the edge of Paris (it was lots of fun with bikes on the roof and trying to find a car park without a height restriction, in French!).  It is so beautiful and I definitely want to go back and explore it more.  I used BoBunny's Garden Party for the page, and there is a video too which you can find here.

I added lots of stamping and had a play with some of the beautiful Pentart metallic paints, dyeing gauze and using them to edge my papers.

I used balloon stamps from the Dreamer collection and silver and purple inks to compliment the papers.

I love this clock die-cut...I think I could use it on any page! I also had a go at edging all my papers with purple to try and make them stand out a bit more.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Cards with BoBunny Family Recipes

Here are some cards I made with BoBunny Family Recipes - I am enjoying card making more now - and not getting too stuck with what to do which is good.  I love making mini-mixed media pieces which you can see from the cards here.  I also love the delicate frame die-cut from the Congratulations Card die set by BoBunny.  I used the 6" pad for all of the cards which meant that the elements I cut out (like the little oven gloves) were all the perfect size.

Next more die-cuts - this one is Tic Toc and lots of the confetti paste!

More die-cuts with the mandala die, some bunting, hessian, wire...more confetti paste.  Lots of fun to make.

If you want to see anymore details then you can see the blog post here.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Altered Bakers Tray/ Cookie Sheet with BoBunny Family Recipes

Here is a an old Bakers Tray - it had seen better days (I did buy one from pound land to use instead, but thought I would see how well the Pentart paints covered the old one, and they did a great job).  I did prime the tray first and added a few coats of Pentart Peach Chalk Paint.  I used some of BoBunny's artist stencils and their clock die cut and then made lots of flowers from double dot papers and cut out lots of kitcheny embellishments from their new Family Recipes range.

I have posted a full product list on the blog plus a flower tutorial to show how I made the red and yellow flowers - you can find it here.

I repurposed some old fridge magnets layering up papers and adding a few fussy cut elements.

Here you can see all the layers.  I have added a couple of holes in the top using my big bite and added string, it now hangs in my craft room!

Monday, 4 September 2017


With the Summer Holidays over now here is a photo from my holiday last year - I meant to share it with you ages ago!  I made it for the ATDML Chinese Whispers challenge for the Retreat - I was first in my line and was given a sketch by Karen Moss (who has just set up her own etsy shop you might want to check out here with lots of her creations) and then passed on a photo of the page to the next person on the list.  We had about 10 people in each group so by the time it got to the final page in the row it all looked quite different.  Anyway I can't take credit for the design - just the papers as I stuck really closely to the sketch and didn't change it at all so you could see how it developed.  The papers are all from BoBunny's Faith range - I love the bright colours, and I teamed it with pearls, enamel dots and butterflies.

I've just created a video for BoBunny for one of my pages, so you can check out the post here - I am trying to become a slightly tidier video-crafter....and I think I started reasonably well....but then I just get on a roll and then it gets messy!!


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