Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Air Dry Clay

Baker Ross sent me some of their white air dry clay, and I wanted to see what I could make with it and found some super tutorials on pinterest that all follow a similar method - you roll out the clay.  I then stamped down one side with a doily type stamp (cleaning it well afterwards).  Next cut out a circle - my circle is the width of one of the large glasses we have in our house and a knife to cut it out.  Then you use a bowl to give it a curve, so you place the circle into the bowl....mine being a large whittards tea cup - you don't need to push the clay all the way down to the bottom of the bowl, just gently ease it in enough to get it to curve up at the edges.  I then carefully popped out my little dish and made some more as Easter gifts.

I left the clay to dry overnight and then coated it in white paint, let it dry then pulled out the stamping with some gold paint along the edge, then to give it some durability I coated it in a mix of PVA and a little water - though any varnish would do.  So here is my little key or jewellery dish.

I next went onto some decorations or posh gift tags

I used cookie cutters and then stamped over the top - I did stamp with some blue ink on the silver herts which you can just about see, the 'love' heart I used a woodgrain acrylic stamp and then a little alpha stamp to write the word love (I did this with the names of the recipients of my Easter jewellery dishes to personalise them).  I dry brushed silver over 2 of the hearts and then just picked out the word love on the last heart, again I coated with PVA and a little water mixed.

I next had a go with my Martha Stewart molds - I really liked using this clay as you could push it in and get a really nice finish - sometimes when I've worked with molds you end up with a lip but it was really easy to correct and sort out.  Again a little silver paint and it makes them look a little more shabby.

I'm going to draw my winner from the giveaway (here is the link) so if you are in the UK and you would like to enter do please leave a comment with UK on the end of it.


  1. oooh these are pretty Kat. i especially love the martha stewart mould designs and the frames x Will you be including them in your layouts...i'd love to see if/when you do x

  2. These look fab, I like the 'posh gift tags' they'd be fun to make for Christmas! x

  3. Hello fellow Baker Ross Blogger, loving what you've done with the clay - they all look fab, and the tags are a great idea. I didn't have any moulds to use, but all to the good. Good fun isn't it. Well done



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