Thursday, 27 August 2015

Code Breaking

Another page with the Simple Stories So Rad collection from ATDML - I really love the colours.  This page started off with a coating of clear gesso (still dislike that grainy texture but hey!) some homemade texture paste and then a tando cog mask.  I then used my Marion Smith colour lab blue - it is just a mix of the blue - no other colours in it and it is one of my favourites.  Once that had dried I also added in some distress stain over the top of cogs - silver and brown and a little blue too, and then I spritzed water onto of that to get the mixed colours over the top.  I drew a couple of circles with a plate around where my photo was going, layered up the photos, papers and some of the number stickers, using foam dots for some of them.

The photo is from a visit to Bletchely Park - which is beautiful and had some really nice interactive displays that the kids could play on!


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