Monday, 15 February 2016

Hearts with Simple Stories

I've seen lots of heart shaped patterns about so decided to have a go at creating my own.  I think you could use this with white gel pen as well as the thread that I used.  I created my own heart template and then drew around it on the back of my cardstock.  I then used a pin and a ruler going down the page a cm at a time and punching a little hole where the ruler touched with the pencil mark I had made - this keeps your spacing quite even.  I then used thread and randomly made a pattern, the back is very neat and it looks like I've stitched around the heart carefully, all the mess is on the front.

I then layered up lots of Simple Stories Summer Vibe papers (from A Trip Down Memory Lane) and bits and pieces that tied up with the theme of my page.

This is my youngest enjoying ice creams on holiday in France.

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