Friday, 14 May 2010

More flowers - roses and Tim Holtz blooms

I tried to find my pdf for the roses that I made at the UKS cybercrop.....but couldn't so I have done a little tutorial. The class was by Pam Thorburn (Wombat).

You need a pencil, some tape, scissors and your paper, cut out a circle - for this one I used the inside of my double sided tape role...but you can make them any size.

Draw a swirl as below onto your circle

Then you need to cut along your lines

To create the rose you need to fold a crease down the middle of the swirl, I bend the sides of the strip over my finger and work my way around - dosen't need to be perfect.

Bend the edges of the swirl down until you get to the middle (circle) - this middle section will be the base for your rose

To get the rose you need to start rolling up the swirl starting from the outside, (you roll the swirl the other way).

The trickier bit - once you have got to the centre of the swirl (the part that is going to be the base for the rose) you need a couple of bits of tape/glue (I only put the glue/tape on at this part as if it is sticky before hand then rolling the rose becomes harder).

Once you have pealed of the tapes then stick the rose on to it, and you can adjust and trim of any bits and you should end up with this

It isn't the easiest flower to make, but I think it is really pretty and with practise it definately gets easier.
I also got a couple of new purchases this week, the Tim Holtz flower and butterfly dies, which are great. Here is a flower I made - I stamped up the paper with a script stamp, curled and inked the edges and popped a button in the middle.

I will post a butterfly too at some point by my youngest is doing stain glass windows in school and the butterfly wings look like that so, they had to take it in :)


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