Saturday, 5 July 2014

Coasters - presents for teachers?

Baker Ross sent me a pack of their coasters to have a play with, they are a great end of year Teachers gift with a cup filled with I had a little play with some different effects that you can get on the tiles.

My first I used alcohol inks - red, yellow and some gold, just dripping them on the tile and it makes gorgeous patterns without you having to do very much to them! 

For the next I covered the base of my Tile in gold alcohol ink  - using a sponge tool and then stuck on some of the bright doilies that Baker Ross have (another fantastic pinterest idea I saw for these is to use spray paint and doilies or lace - they look beautiful)

Lastly I used the ceramic pens and a Zentangle inspired pattern, which was lovely to colour in, I started with the wavy stripes of colour and then went over them with the black pen.  The ceramic pens would be great to write personal messages on the coasters for teachers  - whether it  be a line about needing tea or coffee or a message of thanks.

I covered all the coasters in varnish (just a regular one that I had at home) to protect the paints and inks - which meant I didn't bake the ceramic pens to make them hold fast.


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