Sunday, 17 August 2014

Bit different.....bottles....

Baker Ross sent me a pack of 6 bottles to make things initially I went for bathroom style decorations - and for this one I watered down some PVA and then filled the bottle (about 1/4) and then shook it and covered the whole of the inside with glue.  The next step was pouring in some blue glitter and patting it all around. It worked really well and the coverage is very good - I used quite a fine glitter which I think helped with that.

So for my next bottle, yes notice the different style - this has a lovely polka dot...I tried alcohol inks on the inside of the bottle - blue and gold.  Now this was interesting as I thought the alcohol inks would evaporate and dry fairly quickly, but this was not the case and I ended up having to re-shake it so that all the ink wasn't just at the bottom of the bottle, and I ended up leaving the bottle on the side to dry...however despite all that it is a really nice stained glass effect which I just cannot properly capture in a photo - here is my best go..

Next up I was inspired with a different idea for the bottles...what about using them as infuses - so get some oil and the wooden sticks and then just decorate them and fill them with oil.  You can get about 4 sticks in them, but I think the narrow hole at the top will help not let the oil evaporate too quickly but just use the sticks to infuse the scents.  Anyway - this is just decorated with some Graphic 45 papers as that was what was on my desk and they are very French Country vintage, I cut out some pears and a few butterflies and tied some twine around the top.

The next effect was with some paint, so I covered the bottle in my watered down PVA - partly to provide a key for the white acrylic and also cos it makes it crack.  I then spritzed it with some cosmic shimmer mist, then wrapped twine and added more papers to decorate it.

Here are some shots with the bottles with the infuser sticks in now.  I painted this one the same way and then once dry I added some silver paint to my finger and just brushed it lightly over some of the areas on the bottle so all the patterns started to stand out - then a flower and twine and a key - keeping it simple.

I think this is my favourite covered the bottle in glue and some doublesided tape just to help hold down the twine whilst the glue dried...and then I wrapped it in the twine, carefully.  I did use a good layer of PVA and it has help really well so far.  I then used some Baker Ross ribbon and a little clay star that I made out of air dry clay that also came in my Baker Ross pack (I stamped the woodgrain into the air dry clay and the word Star - then painted it silver once it was dry) - and glued and pegged it onto the ribbon.

So lots of writing - but that is 6 different things you can do with the bottles and they will make lovely little infuser gifts for people :)


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