Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas Letters

Here is a page that I made for the Inspiration Elevator (you can see all of Inspiration Elevator's previous challenges on Facebook) .

 This month's challenge is issued by the creative Lisa Moen. Lisa is a busy scrapbooker who takes on every creative challenge with gusto; she works layering and clustering beautifully. This month she has a seasonal challenge for us. Here it is in her own words:

" Scrap A Christmas Past.
We all have them- one Christmas that sticks out more in our minds than others. Maybe it was when you were a child or maybe it was more recent. Maybe it was a gift you received that makes it memorable. Maybe a special visitor? Create a page, with or without photos and tell us the story behind that Christmas.."

So mine is a past Christmas - just last year..and this was the 2nd year in a row that my youngest decided to write to Father Christmas, and the 2nd year in a row that Father Christmas has left him a very special letter next to the plate where all the mince pies were - so it's about some of that special Christmas magic and the memories to go with it.

We encourage you to check out each designer's creation this month: here's a complete list of this month's participating designers!

Why not give the challenge a try yourself? Then pop by our Facebook page and share with us what you created!


  1. Your cutting for the bottom part of the page is intriguing and I love the touches of gold. It's wonderful that you had a recent memory to capture, too! The layering under the photo, with the dear Santa paper peeking out, is perfect!

  2. Love your triangles and poinsettia on this beautiful page Katherine!

  3. A fabulous memory to scrap!! Awesome page!

  4. how fun and love the cool triangles on the page!! and pretty flowers!!! such a lovely LO!!!!

  5. great effect with the triangles :-)

  6. Nice work. I love anything glittery.


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