Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Beautiful Blogger

Catching up on my posts and I was really pleased to have a beautiful blogger award from Glen. I have to tell you 10 things about me as well!!
1. I like Sci - Fi movies and novels....it is my Dads fault :)
2. I love growing vegs, and fruits - I am always amazed at how much you can produce from a tiny seed and it tastes great!
3. My favourite sports to watch are tennis,rugby and grand prix racing - though the olympics are great too...but I love Wimbledon :) that is my favourite!
4. I am a Christian.
5. Favourite sport to do is swim.
6. I get cold quite easily, so love the summer with its warmth and have really thick wintry cardies for the winter.
7. I love snow - only ski'd once but it was the funniest holiday I have ever been on (just for the comedy of trying to ski) and it was great.
8. Family is a big part of my life - we all enjoy getting together and our kids love it too!
9. Dabbled in all sorts of crafts - from cross stitch, knitting, making ear rings and necklaces....then my MIL introduced me to scrapbooking!
10. One of my nieces was born on a bus....not many others can have that claim to fame :)
I would like to pass this award onto


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