Friday, 15 November 2013

Christmas cards and playing with a new product

I was sent a tub of ThermoMorph to review - it is a mouldable plastic that you heat up in boiling water and then you have some time to mould it before it sets hard - you can remelt it by popping it back in the water.  ThermoMorph comes in a big jar - I have hardly made a dent in it, and consists of lots of tiny white balls you place them in boiling water and they turn clear and then clump together and become very sticky.  Using some tweezers you get out the mix and then checking it is cool enough you can mould it, you have to mould it fairly quickly as it starts to go hard fairly quickly once it is out of the water.

So I started using my silicone moulds and made some flowers - I soon realised that less is more, as this is not a self levelling liquid, you can cut a little bit of the excess off around the edge if you are quick, but the best way is just put less in the mould.  I then had a go at rolling it, again fairly quickly and I used some star cutters (which I did have to trim around the edge of with scissors as I couldn't get mine to cut all the way through), and then scissors and a pencil and was able to curl some strips too.

The exercise after that was colouring the white plastic.  I tried some water based paints with little success, I then used alcohol inks, and had a little experiment with glitter - again whilst it was fresh out of the water and still sticky and malleable.  So I guess you want to see the results.

I used one of the stars and gold alcohol ink with a drip of yellow into the middle

I was quite liking the gold, so went with that and also tried red and blue which was one of the challenges over at Jennifer Grace's blog this weekend with her Frosty Festivities

Here are some of the cards I made with the cabochon flowers.
I really liked colouring them gold, and it took really well.

This one I coloured red and then brushed on some gold.  I also tried colouring them with pro markers and this worked well too.  If you are wondering about the papers they are by October Afternoon and called Make it Merry.

You get a huge quantity in the tub which is great and you don't really need any fancy tools to use it, it makes cabochons really well, and very quickly.  They colour excellently with alcohol inks.  I guess my  negatives are trying to work out a way to keep it a little more malleable for longer and perhaps having it available in smaller less expensive sizes too, for someone that just wants a go.

Here is a link to where it is sold on amazon, and if you check the reviews you will see other bloggers who have reviewed this product and you can compare our results and experiences there too.


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