Monday, 26 April 2010

Family and are we lost?

Two more LOs from the cybercrop, though the family one I did today - I really wanted to do the glimmer mist class, but was away most of the weekend so had a go at it today. I had made up some spritzers with perfect pearls and distress ink diluted and that is what I used in this class....only have 3 colours - blue, red and yellow!!! The papers are a mixture of K and Co and the green stack and this is a family shot we did for my Grandma over Easter. It is a great class done by Beckie Dreyer

so you can see all that spritzing and mess...and the butterflies

Spritzed some prima eline flowers and cuttlebugged some co-ordinations

more flowers spritzed and stickled.

This class was called the Strand by Sarah Youde, I did it late at night after a busy day....and really just wanted some points for my team, so not overly happy with the way it turned out...bit too busy for me, but here are some shots of it too. The story is the best bit about it - we all went out looking for caches (treasure hunts for grown ups), and the boys thought we could pick up 2...however they hadn't looked at the geography of the terraine and one was at the bottom of a ravine. So we speant some time trying to find a way down the hill...until us sensible girls said lets go back up to the top of the hill and then find our path down (bearing in mind we had 4 small and hungry children with us!). I tried to get shots of the guys did make me laugh, but unfortunately didn't manage this, though I am sure I will have some more opportunities :)


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