Thursday, 10 February 2011

More flowers and a couple of butterflies

Having seen some of the beautiful flowers from CHA I decided to have a go at making some more the chiffon I found in poundland a while back.  I chose the colours to go with my LO, cut the chiffon into different size circles (you don't have to be too precise) then melted the edge, layered it up - there are 2 layers of each colour of chiffon - so 6 in all, and stitched a button through the middle.  More detailed instructions are here. I am then going to back them on some paper flowers....whilst there I also had a go at some 3d butterflies, a tip from my MIL where you punch out 3 and fold 2 of them in half and then stick the folded wings to the 3rd butterfly which push them up and make them 3D.....hope that makes some sense as it is hard to put it into words without any pics!!!  Here are some more pictures.


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