Sunday, 27 February 2011

Twisted rose tutorial

Here is my promised tutorial to make the paper rose ribbon you saw on my splash LO

 Things you need...tho I forgot to add some glitter glue to the picture.  Cut several  1" by 12" strips of your chosen paper.  A 12" strip does about 2 roses, so you can work out how many you need.  Also cut a slightly thicker 1.25" strip to stick the roses on.

 Start by folding your paper into thirds, so fold the top down to the middle and then the bottom edge up, this means that you get a nice edge to the roses and it makes it a solid colour
 If you are using cardstock as I am in this example then spritz it with a little bit of water - not too much (tho you can let it dry it you do over spritz) just enough to make it a little more malleable.  If you are using paper, then you should be fine without.
 pop some double sided tape on your backing piece - just do 2 strips - not 3 as in the picture!!
 start twising your pieces of paper until you get some nice curls
 do this to all your bits of paper

 Start by placing the end of one of your strips on the backing paper and then curl the paper around to get the rose shape
 Once you have done one rose, you can then loop the paper down to start on the next.
 any paper you have left over you can snip off the end and then use it again later to fill in other bits of roses...keep going and adding more paper until you have filled your strip
 I then added some glitter glue - mainly to hide the double sided tape that you could see, tho you could always cut the strip down more so just the roses show.
 here are some close ups of the roses and glitter dolloping over the side - if only they were fairy cakes :)
Please let me know if you have a go at this as I would love to see it in action.


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