Monday, 21 November 2011

Stitched Christmas Tree tutorial

Here is my tutorial to show you how I made the Christmas tree embellishment on my page from Handmade Hannahs Christmas kit.

You will need
  • Christmas tree die cut, or your own design
  • needle
  • 2 colours of green embroidery thread
  • funky foam or an old mouse mat
  • buttons or other embellishments

  1. Diecut/design your own Christmas tree, then using a piece of funky foam or an old mouse mat place your tree on top and pierce holes around the edge of the tree with a needle. I do this as the foam makes it easier to make the holes, and it is easier to stitch after you have made some guide holes.
 2. Using the lighter green thread sew all the way around the tree.
 3. Once finished, tidy up the ends and stick them to the back of the tree using some tape.
 4. The next step is to add the zig zags of thread. Using the darker thread, start by coming up through one of the holes near the base and then take it across the tree and underneath one of the outside stitches, then go across to another stitch and so on. As you get more threads across the tree start weaving them in and out.
 5. Once done take your thread back through one of the outside holes and secure it on the back with tape.

6. The final part is to add some more decoration to the tree, I chose some small buttons, though you could tie little bits of ribbon, or weave ribbon through, add glitter or beads. You could use this tree embellishment on cards and tags as well as scrap pages.

I hope you enjoy making them.


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