Tuesday, 26 July 2016


This is another page from the Dear Lizzy Documentary class I taught at the ATDML cybercrop - check the post below for all the links.  Jill always sends some coloured card in our kits - and it's taken me a while to really start to enjoy coloured card stock as it's such a big burst of colour and it's harder to add paints too, but I am really glad she does as I have grown to really enjoy using it, and it makes my albums more interesting with big bursts of colour.  This page was inspired by a beautiful, slightly more inky page from com.16 here is the link.  I drew around plates and all sorts of circles, then added it more circles in buttons and sequins as well as a little bit of mist.  I went with the rule of drawing around something 3 times and slightly off-setting it, which helps mask any imperfections and looks lovely!

The photo is from the top of the Heights of Abraham - my eldest infront of a Laburnum tree that was in full glorious yellow flower - though I hadn't notice that he had been playing with my camera settings so it all has a slightly brown tint to it!!!  I'm glad he really enjoys taking snaps, and still lets me take photos of him.


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