Thursday, 12 January 2012

What boys do

Thank you for all your comments and congratulations everyone, I love reading all your comments.  This a summer photo which I took of my DS playing with his cousin....and doing what most boys do in a wood with sticks (tho theirs were log like) which is re-inact a sword fight! 

 I made a little journal pouch behind the title which details the day.  For the page I wanted to make a polaroid style photo...but haven't managed to print any out that shape yet (will do soon tho!) so I mounted the photo on white card stock in a similar shape and wrapped twine around it.  The papers are Cosmo Crickets Social Club (with a small off cut of the October Afternoon and ek success punch I used on my last page).  I used lots of different punches my circle punch, book edge and abstract flower ek success punch, and I made a little bit of a stamped edge with a flower punch (the instructions are here).  I layered up and stuck the photograph panel together 1st, stitched and inked all the edges, then I added some flicks of watered down white acrylic - I'm trying a dropping technique to make them more drip like rather than a flick.  Once those were dry I stuck the photo panel down, then added some banners which I stuck and stitched in the top right hand corner.  I cut out some tags that were on one of the Cosmo papers and mounted them on some burlap, and then stitched them into a banner - letting the sewing machine run a little between each one to space them out.  I also piled my thread up on one side and stuck it with some clear drying glue, I left all the ends to make it look messy too.


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