Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Creating a Stamp edge....with a flower punch :)

 Amy asked how I did the stamp edge effect on You and Me, so this is what I used to do it.  A circle punch would probably be easier than the flower, but the flower is all I had!!  So above are the items you need.
 The first thing I did was to measure the size of the semi circle I could make with the flower punch (this is a woodware 5cm punch)
The size of my semi-circle work out to be 1.7cm
The next step is to mark out the edge of the sheet of paper, I was allowing 1.7cm for my punch and then a 1cm gap inbetween - start from the corner with the 1cm gap, then mark along so it would be 1, 1.7, 1, 1.7 - and carry on til your cardstock edge is as big as you want it to be - remember to make sure you finish on a 1cm.

 Then start lining the punch up with the dots and work your way along the cardstock.  Don't worry if you accidentally  catch a bit of the 1cm area with the punch as you can always trim it - that should make sense when you do this.

For the corners you need to always make sure you have the 1cm at the corner and not finish on a semi circle.

Ink the edges and here is your stamp shaped cardstock :)


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