Monday, 9 July 2012

3 young cousins

I just realised I have a little group of pages I haven't shown you yet, I have another page and card from the beautiful kit that Mel and Jill put together at A Trip Down Memory Lane to show you over  the next few days.  This page was made with the In Love collection by Websters pages.

I wanted to have a go at an oversized photo, though I didn't have much luck printing it out as a 12" I had to settle for 6 by 8 - next time I will try and get a print to fill the page and make sure my camera is on the correct setting :)  I am still enjoying using negative space on my pages so I cut a thick band of paper and then die cut the 3 young cousins....a take on the 3 wise monkeys.  I layered paper and doily behind the die cuts to make them stand out more, and stitched around the 3 with black embroidery thread.  With the photo filling so much of the page my embellishments were strips of the paper that I ruffled, folded and stitched on - Websters have those lovely strips at the bottom of the pages that you can cut off and use as paper ribbons.  I also added a banner of hearts and one of the journal spots too...the last bit was a few flicks of black ink.

So here are 2 of my nieces and my son, I love the photo as it captures a bit of each of their characters all in one go....those that know my son will not be surprised that he is talking, or that my middle niece is giggling, and my smallest niece is holding onto doggy and looking seriously to one side to work out what she is meant to be doing.

There is lots of inspiration up in the gallery so I shall leave you with a link to it.


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