Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lego Parties

This happened a while back, but I thought I ought to post some of the pictures as most of the ideas were from other peoples sites and pinterest (so thank you to all those creative people out there) after lots of choosing which bits we could do this is what I came up with

Lots of cheap red table cloths - though any primary colour would have worked.  I printed off some printables and made the Birthday Banner (here is a link to my pinterest board with all the ideas on and some

Then yellow balloons withe lego faces drawn on using a Sharpie

Then yellow plates and cups....and more lego faces on the cups - each one different

The kids helped with the cutlery pots

Onto the cakes - some biscuits cut into rectangles and iced and then decorated with smarties to look like lego bricks.  I also made cakes, and little chocolate lego men from a mold I got on ebay...then the flags from the printable set and stuck on cocktail sticks.

The real masterpiece was the cake by my sister in law Lucy...amazing - her 1st lego cake, I picked up a brick mold though I don't think that bit worked so well so I have a feeling she freestyled the lego bricks and gave her a few lego men and this is what she came up with.

The main activities at the party were programming some lego models that you could find your lego mini-figure (scattered around a large room in little bags again using the embellishments from the lego printable) followed by pass the parcel with lego as the prize and then just balloon fun!


  1. Brilliant party ideas! Love the cake!

  2. A fab Lego party with plenty of things that have been made to look like a Lego brick .It's so clever

  3. Ha, love it! Especially the balloons and cups with lego faces drawn on! x


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