Monday, 14 March 2011

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

These photos were taken on a recent walk to a local lake and park - I am glad that we covered all the kids in waterproof clothing as it was even more muddy than I was expecting!  The papers are Jillibean Soup - Faglioi.  I crumpled the film strip to make a zig zagy border.  I have used some household string, which I dunked in PVA to run up and down the page (it has stuck really well), I then added some flowers to the strings, mainly to cover any blobs of PVA you could see and the others just to look pretty :)  I think I should invest in some proper twine - can anyone tell me whether it comes coated in stickiness or whether you still have the dilemma of how to attach it in a free flowing way to your page.  My methods so far seem to be PVA, staples, or glued behind things like bunting.  Here are some close ups.
The butterfly punch is Martha Stewart and I found a tiny punch I picked up from the poundshop which was the perfect size for the flowers on the paper.


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