Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pretty Paper Party and Grab box news

I have joined in with Shimelle's pretty paper party (as I LOVE paper)....and the first challenge was to show how you stored your paper (now I am not a tidy crafter, so I am only showing you the paper....not the desk or the floor!!!).  So I start with the most recently paper organised bit....I sorted all my cardstock into colours on one side, and then the other contains packs of paper rangers - kept them in ranges rather than colours.

 This shot shows one of my off cut stashes....I am ashamed to say I have 2, but hopefully with the prompts I will use some more of my scraps up.
 I also keep some ranges of paper in those lovely 12" plastic bags with their offcuts, and the odds and ends of previous kits.

However I do also have a few pizza boxes with either kits/recent orders or scraps or just to use as a spritz catcher!

The other news is that Handmade Hannah is having a grab box day tomorrow - Wednesday morning - Hannah has put together some beautiful kits of embellishments and they are either £10 or £20, to get all the details join her facebook group and you can find out more details on her blog


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