Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Do you Ever Grow out of Trains?

This was the 1st class that I taught at the ATDML retreat on the Friday using the beautiful Composition and Color papers by Websters (the stickers are some of my favourites :)).  We had a go at making a sunburst using a mixture of paper and some of the acetates that Alison Kreft has designed to go with the papers. We cut out some chevrons and tiny cameras for behind the acetate, and then used one of the Websters bags for the journalling spots, had a go at making an accordion fold flower, adding lots of stickers and finally a little play with some studio calico chevrons and paint drips.

The photo is from the train museum in Naples, and they had some old American trains we could clamber upon.  It was really funny as we walked into this little museum which was very peaceful until us and the kids arrived and then they had hundreds of questions about all sorts of things, it made the guy at the desk smile though as he said it was really funny hearing our really distinctive accents...hopefully the quieter visitors to the  museum weren't disturbed too much.  Needless to say the kids really enjoyed it, and it has a big electronic train set that goes all around the outside too.

I am also up with a trends post over on Created by Atdml today too...looking at the grid.


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