Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Spring is in the Hair

Here is another page using the lovely Snippets and Classic papers from Studio Calico....I went for a very clean (but wouldn't go for simple) page.  The reason not simple as I suddenly realised how hard it is to line everything up really straight, which is why I often crumple the edges, I'm not a great measurer - I go on the way it looks, but tI had my ruler out for this one and there was lots of fiddling around to get the page to look vaguely straight and it still isn't perfect!  So the design is simple and I filled my smaller squares with wood veneers and buttons and stickers.

The photo is from a trip last spring/summer to some gardens - and my husband was complaining that my kids needed a haircut - this is quite a full head of hair for my youngest - but you will notice something that I am not allowed to mention or do a page about (I have been warned by him) if you look at the hair - the reason for it was because his hair was getting in his eyes....and obviously what he did made a huge difference (I just love him!)

Also I posted yesterday over on Created by ATDML - looking at polaroid shapes, and if Mel did what she did last month then comments could mean you are up for a is the link.


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