Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Some Macrame with Baker Ross

Hi, I got sent a box of goodies from Baker Ross and inside was this really nice thick seagrass twine, so I decided to have a go at some macrame, which wasn't too hard at all.  I used a mix of tutorials and fiddled with them to get a pattern that worked for me and the twine.

So you start with working out how long you want the string to be, so work out the hanging length ( the string is folded and so an up to the top and down to the base of the plant pot, and a little extra for the knot) and then I would add a good 10" on to that and cut 4 pieces  of string.  I tried starting the macrame with a knot at the top but because the string is so thick it took up a lot of the it, so I ended up just wrapping some of the string around at the base of the loop and tying it off and then went into a square knot (here is the tutorial - I like the colours it really helps! ). I made 3 of these knots and then went into a fish net pattern using reef knots - you have 8 threads coming down you start by knotting them together in pairs around the area where the top of your plant pot will be, try and keep them level, then move down to the next layer of knots where again you create 4 knots but with the alternate pieces of string so you end up with a diamond shape by the 3rd set of knots.  I tied them all off into one large knot at the base much like my first one, but if you have string to do a simple knot I would, and then just trim off all the ends.



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